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Freight Calculation

For Industry and Commerce:
Which costs do your transports cause – per order, within a given region, or when performed by various service providers?

For Logistics Service Providers:
Prime costs, margins, rates – how do you calculate the transport costs for orders?

Freight calculation in XCargo reveals your transport costs for piece goods, full loads, and direct and consolidated transports. You enter your tariffs and calculation models and XCargo calculates your costs – fast and reliably, directly in Excel.

Freight Calculation Software right in Excel

  • The formula XC_FreightMatrix gives you fast and easy access to standard freight agreements in Excel.
  • Complex freight conditions can be saved as a rule set. The rule set defines regions, freight matrixes, reference tables, and functions.
  • Freight conditions are laid out for your customers and for inhouse calculation.
  • Freight data are easily evaluated based on diverse freight conditions.
  • Central tariff management simplifies updating transport conditions and creates standardized and current calculation criteria.
  • Freight calculation for bundled shipments.
  • LTL/FTL optimization supports your decision for either shipment-based or route-based performance.
  • A matrix calculator calculates freight matrixes and adjusts rates.


View Online Demo: Calculate Transport Costs and Tariffs

The XCargo Online Demo Transport Costs demonstrates how you can use your quantity grids and tariffs to calculate freight directly in Excel. This gives you a reliable basis for planning transports, calculating offers, comparing tariffs, and controlling.

Start online demo Transport Costs
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