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XCargo - The Flexible Logistics Solution for Excel®

Project a logistics network, plan transport routes, calculate emissions and toll costs, or work out appropriate freight rates - all of these tasks can be handled by one product: XCargo.

LOCOM's XCargo fits into your Microsoft Excel® application and gives you functions that optimize your logistics. It enables you to quickly and efficiently calculate transport costs, plan route schedules, and optimize locations of lesser to mid-range complexity. To top it off, XCargo's comprehensive collection of templates facilitates the daily work of logistics service providers and forwarders.



Logistics Planners
Freight Buyers

Logistics planners need to know what’s going on in their logistics network, from the current degree of service to targeted costs and real costs, to expected performance demands. XCargo is an ideal tool for keeping everything in view. As an Excel-based software solution, it simulates changes and how these affect the entire system. It enables you to see real figures and scenarios in a model of your whole system and then use these as well-founded and transparent foundations for decision-making.

Successful calls for bids begin with proper preparation: You can get twice the benefits by wording your calls efficiently and then evaluating the bids comprehensively. The bids you get will be of a better quality and greater reliability and your transport costs will be lower. Throughout the entire process, XCargo gives you a standardized tool for planning and evaluating offers. It lets you apply different freight rates to one and the same shipment and then choose the most cost-efficient service provider.  This also benefits your procurement manager: If you need a service provider for specific shipments, your price inquiries will get fast and reliable replies. 

It’s not enough to plan and then select a logistics service provider and get your goods transported – you still have to audit. Controllers will find that XCargo offers many supportive functions for easily evaluating invoices. 

Logistics Service Providers

Network Designers
Tender Managers

XCargo helps you plan your transport network: Whether you need to plan hubs, logistics relations, or regions of supply and distribution, you can have a strategic advantage. This planning tool offers a wide range of options from the analysis of your present network to visualizing potential scenarios. How do transport channels change? How can you save time and money? Let XCargo show you. Use route planning, too, to optimize processes and use your resources in the most profitable way.

Calls for bids are often very complex. Besides the shipping data, they often also stipulate very specific freight rates, and this can make working out an offer a real challenge. XCargo helps you validate and analyze shipping data and review the costs. Set up margin models and work with margin structures. Writing up your offers can be enhanced by the automatic creation of tailored freight matrixes that contain integrated freight rate optimization.

Know your costs! Use XCargo’s cost calculator to analyze your shipments and see them shown graphically on maps. Controllers can use XCargo to easily compare forwarders’ offers with real shipments and shipping patterns that result from the bidding process with real shipping structures.



Use Cases

XCargo can be used for a broad range of applications - Find solutions for your specific use cases!


Compile the Best Rates for Tendering


A logistics service provider wishes to compile the best rates to include in an offer for tenders. Depending on the nework, costs must be evaluated differently. In addition, every customer wants offered rates presented in a different way.


Discover here how XCargo helps you master these challenges.

Location planning

Reduce Costs and Improve Service by Optimizing Location Choices


A company has one production plant and three warehouses at various locations. Each customer supplied is assigned to one warehouse. This makes it difficult to uphold a certain level of service and to take capacity restrictions into account.


Discover here how XCargo helps you master these challenges.

Optimizing Empties

Analyze and Optimize Empties Networks


A medium-sized company returns empty load carriers (containers, packaging) from the production plants back to the supplier. The company wants to achieve a cost efficient balance for the supply and demand of load carriers. This presents a particular challenge.


Discover here how XCargo helps you master these challenges.


Configure XCargo to meet your needs! From modules for simple distance calculation to location and route planning and cost calculation, XCargo modules are combinable.

Map Views

One Click on the Map Shows the Entire Supply Chain

Excel tables for logistics networks sometimes contain thousands of lines of information, making it difficult to keep everything in sight! It is much easier to grasp the whole network by projecting it onto a map.


With just one click you can add your customers, suppliers, hubs, and production sites. You can use the map to show the flow of goods, logistical relations, and real and proposed tours, too. Use proportional objects, color choices, and company icons to design map views as you wish.

Calculating Distances

Know Transport Distances and Times Worldwide


Distances, kilometers driven and driving times… all of these factors influence your transport costs and logistics calculations. XCargo calculates them and creates a central basis for determining the costs of transport logistics!


Getting fast and clear results for both individual relations and large quantities of shipping data makes it easy to use them for further calculations.

Calculating Toll

Calculate Tolls for Highways and Other Roads


How much toll do you pay for your transports? How has that changed from what you paid a year ago?


XCargo’s toll calculation lets you determine your toll costs quickly and easily. Based on transport data for the number of kilometers actually driven on toll roads, XCargo tells you your truck toll costs for Germany and other countries.

Calculating Emissions

Know Your Carbon Footprint


When transporting goods, reducing CO2 and costs can be done at the same time.


Get a competitive edge by using XCargo to examine and evaluate emission details and savings potentials.

Freight Calculation

Calculating Freight Costs for Planning, Controlling, and Tender Management


Whether you are a logistics service provider or an industrial company, transport costs play a major role: What is the cost of shipping packaged goods, full loads, direct shipments, and consolidated shipments? Which logistics service provider offers the best conditions? And how will your freight budget change next year?


You can store simple freight rates in Excel or create sophisticated freight rate models. It takes only seconds to calculate large numbers of shipments!

Matrix Designer

Basing Freight Rates on Sound Calculation


Logistically plausible freight rate matrixes can hardly be worked out on a blank page and can rarely be derived accurately from previous rate examples. The key to success is precise calculation, whether you need a rate for bidding for a specific customer, a more general house freight rate, or realistic cost information for planning shipments.


Use your own real shipping and cost structures to generate freight matrixes that reflect your true costs!

Comparing Bids

Choosing the right service provider


You can use almost any parameters you like to compare professional bids for freight rates. Incoming bids are saved as freight rates, given a certain structure, and then applied to the shipping situation for which you have called for bids. This enables you to compare the prices of various offers from service providers in any degree of detail that you require.


Choosing the best service provider for your orders is easy!

Budget Planning

Know precisely what your logistics cost


Budget planning takes data from past shipments and uses certain rules to convert them into data about future shipping. Volumes may be changed, for example, in order to reflect seasonal patterns and fluctuations in demand.


The freight rate module allows the evaluation of different scenarios and comparing them with one another. The parameters’ sensitivity to cost results is revealed by altering them slightly.

Location Planning

Reduce Costs and Improve Service by Optimizing Location Choices


Optimally aligned locations are extremely important for efficient logistics networks. XCargo helps you analyze and optimize your location structures.


The software module uses real shipping volumes to calculate the most cost-efficient number of locations and where they should be, while taking capacity constraints into account.

Route Planning

Use Excel® to Calculate the Best Route Schedules Quickly and Easily


Route planning uses master data for locations, fleets, and customers to optimize transport schedules. It also allows you to change standard routes individually, if that reduces transport costs.


You can generate route schedules in Excel and then see the exact routes on a map.

Customer Assignment

Cost reduction by optimum assignment of customers


You know your logistics network, your warehouse locations, and who your customers are. But do you have the best possible assignment of customers to warehouses?


Customer Assignment optimizes the structure of your transport regions. Save time and money by reducing distances!

Network Optimization

Reduce Costs by Using Your Network Intelligently


Where is a product made and how does it get to the customer? For multi-tiered logistics networks, this quickly becomes quite a complex matter.


XCargo's network optimization finds the most cost-efficient flow through your network, while meeting demand and taking warehouse capacities, hubs, and production plants into account.





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  • Map Views
  • Calculating Distances
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  • Freight Calculation
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  • Matrix Designer
  • Map Views
  • Calculating Distances
  • Calculating Toll
  • Freight Calculation
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Supply Chain

  • Customer Assignment
  • Route Planning
  • Location Planning
  • Distance Matrix
  • Map Views
  • Calculating Distances
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XCargo Add-Ons

Detailed Maps

  • World
  • Europe city
  • North America
  • Asia
  • DACH-Countries
  • BRICS-Countries
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  • Area Layer EUROPE (2 digits)

Transport Costs

  • Rate Management
  • Matrix Designer

Green Logistics

  • Calculating Emissions


  • Location Planning
  • Customer Assignment
  • Center of Gravity
  • Network Optimization



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